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Dear E-commerce Business Owner
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The E-commerce Email Kit is a collection of  ''Plug & Play Email Templates'' Specially designed to help you increase your e-commerce store conversion and customer retention.

Each email comes with multiple subject lines to choose from, as well as video training and guide to show you how to use them and when to send them.

All you need to do is copy and paste into any email service provider such as: klaviyo, omnisend,  mail chimp. (Works with any email service provider)

These emails have proven to recover abandoned carts, up-sell/cross-sell customer, welcome new subscribers, collect reviews and user-generated contents and many more.
As an e-commerce seller, you’ve probably heard rumors about email marketing being the only marketing channel where you can put $1 and get $42 back, or the most effective marketing tool that can generate sales over and over again without spending more on customer acquisition.
You don't have the time and resources.
You're always struggling to come up with what to write in your emails.
You've sent emails before but nobody clicked to buy your product.
But you didn't take email seriously probably because: 
So you ignored email marketing and anytime you want to make a sale, you always have to go and pay another huge customer acquisition cost.

But If the only thing you're focusing on in your business is acquiring new customers every time, and you ignored the people who have bought something from you before, then you’re basically setting up your business for failure.

And why’s that?

  • 75-80% of people who clicked on your ad and landed on your website are going to leave without buying.
  • It's 5x more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.
  • Advertising channels are getting harder and more competitive.

But that’s not the end of the problem.......Here is the real problem.

Imagine you wake up one day to find out that your ad account has been shutdown or your social media account has been hacked.

Imagine that for a sec.

So if you're only relying on ads or social media alone to make a sale, you are essentially leaving a whole lot of money on the table and you’re not building a real and sustainable business.

How did i know this you might be asking

Well let me say i learned the hard way
Hi There. My Name is Habeeb
Years ago when I first started my e-commerce journey, I also didn't take email seriously.

I used to think the only way to make a sale was through advertising alone.
So my strategy was:

1. Find the next winning product.

2. Run some ads to make a sale.

3. Rinse and Repeat.
The business was going ok, but deep down I know i wasn't building a sustainable business.

I was always looking for the next winning product and sacrificing a large portion of my profit margins on ads.

However, I didn't care, as long as I was making some sales. 
Not until one morning when I woke up to a restricted ad account. 

What !!!!! I screamed out loud, what did I do wrong, I didn't violate any policy, so why is this happening.
I'm sure anyone who has ever experienced a
  ''disabled ad account'' can relate to this 

Just like these folks here
''Email lists and website are the two only things you own on the internet. Everything else is just rented''
At this point, I was becoming furious, obviously because 95% of my revenue was coming from ads, so I needed to get back into advertising ASAP.

While I was waiting to get my ad account back, something happened that became the turning point for me.

I stumbled upon this tweet from Shopify CEO.
I kept thinking about this tweet for days and I couldn't just take it off my head. 

Hmm, isn’t this true? I asked myself.  

I truly don’t own all the traffic coming to my store, I only rented them

After a long thought, I decided to start studying successful businesses. 

I wanted to understand how they get to stay winning even with all the challenges and competitions online. 

It was during my study and research that i get to understand something really interesting. And that is. Successful businesses know how to make people buy from them over and over again. 

In other words ''They are pretty good at customer retention'' 

Successful entrepreneurs understand that traffic gotten from advertising are rented, so they always make sure they turn those traffic they rented to theirs ASAP.
How do they get to do this effectively and efficiently? 

They do that Through  "Email Communication"

After realising this, I decided to go all-in with email and copywriting.

I started learning from top marketers and entrepreneurs like Ezra Firestone, Russell Brunson and many others.

I kept refining and applying everything I learned into my business, then after a while my business started growing.....Woah what a sweet feeling
Get Instant Access for $37 (Today Only)
But you know what?

I was still a little bit skeptical, I wanted to be sure I wasn't just lucky or something like that, so I asked some of my friends and other e-commerce sellers in my network if I could implement this email system for them.

In case you are wondering what happened after that....see what some of them said.
Let's Do Some Quick Math Here. 
To Make This Simple, We Are Going To Use The Diagram Below
I'm sure by now you can see what a proper email system can do for your business. 

Email marketing has long been the main revenue source that has kept online businesses alive, and it remains the best way to get customers coming back to your store year after year without having to spend more on customer acquisition. 

But there’s one huge looming problem….. Writing emails that sells.

As a business owner, you are busy with many kinds of stuff on our desk, writing emails can be another daunting and painful task.

Sometimes you are looking at the computer screen not sure of what to write, you don't even know what to type into the subject line.

Frustrating right?
What If You Can Have an Effective Email System That Sells Your Product To Customers Over and Over again
Without Having to Go Through The Headache of Writing Emails Yourself or Hiring an Expensive Copywriter.
The E-commerce Email Kit is a collection of ''Plug & Play Email Templates'' Specially designed to help you increase your e-commerce store conversion and customer retention.
Curious To See What's Inside The 
E-commerce Email Kit? Let’s Take a Look.
Knowing that a subscriber is on your website and viewing products indicates some level of intent, but the reasons they left aren’t always clear. They could have been distracted by a phone call or fall asleep. ignoring these people means leaving a whole lot of money on the table.
  • Remind people about the product they were looking on your website.
  • Get them to come back to your website and place that order.
  • Recommend products that might interest the user.
Use the browse abandonment email templates to
Industry statistic shows that 70% of your website visitors will abandon items in their shopping cart before leaving your website. Instead of ignoring all the people who left items in the shopping cart,  if all you did was capture 10% of those sales, how much money would that add to your business?
Use the cart abandonment emails templates to
  • Answer any question or objection the potential customer might be having.
  • Remind them of the benefits and the solutions your product will provide for them.
  • Link them back to their shopping cart, so they can continue where they left off.
When people get on your email list, you don’t want them to just sit there while nothing happens. You need to put them through a sequence of emails that tells them about you and your brand, and ideally, your origin story, too.
Use the welcome email template to
  • Welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your brand and products.
  • Tell stories and show behind the scenes to make people feel connected to your brand.
  • Sell to new subscribers without sounding sleazy.
When you order something online, 9/10 times you check your email for the order confirmation to be sure you order went through or not. That's exactly the same way your customers feels when they buy something from you.

You might have some order confirmation email setup automatically on your Shopify store, but they’re usually super boring. Spice things up with this order confirmation/thank you email templates to keep your customers engaged and addicted to your brand.
If you want to sell more and grow you e-comm store faster this is one of the most important sequence you must have, these emails will help you increase your Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value. They are sent before you ship out an item to a customer basically asking them if you should include another product that can help them better.
Use the pre-arrival upsell to
Use the shipping confirmation email template to
  • Alert your customer when their product get shipped out.
  • Reduce buyer's remorse.
  • Suggest complementary products to encourage repeat purchases.
  • Show product ownership benefits that makes customers feel good about their purchase.
  • Up-sell/cross-sell to customers by recommending a product that works well with what they just bought or something that makes the original product works better.
  • Give incentives to encourage the customer to buy the ''upsell'' product.
  • Send fun and memorable confirmation email that keeps your customers engaged.
  • Tell a story about how excited and happy you are that they purchased from you.
Confirmation emails receive open rates as high as 85 per cent, you should use this opportunity to engage with your customer on a higher level by including a little creativity. These can help build customer loyalty, improve the post-purchase experience and establish a unique voice for your brand.
Use the Order confirmation/thank you email template to
Customer review is a pretty powerful element not just for making the first sale but also for customer retention. About 80-90% of your website visitors will read reviews before making a purchasing decision.
Use the review collection email template to
Post arrival up-sell is another great automation that will help you generate a lot of repeat purchases and make you more money.
If you have a product that would help your customer or you think they might like, there's no reason not to up-sell and recommend another product to them after they've received and used the product they had initially bought.
Use the post arrival up-sell email template to
Use the replenishment email template to
  • Remind your customer that the item they had previously bought will soon finish and they should re-order.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • Engage with your customer on another level(your customers feels like you know them well when you remind them that they need to re-order).
  • Easily Collect reviews from your customers.
  • Improve your product and customer's shopping experience.
  • Offer rewards to customer who give you reviews.
If you are selling regularly consumable items like cosmetics, this is another email you must have in your store. Brands like DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB have been using replenishment emails to generate tons of repeat purchases and big revenue. These emails are used to prompt customers to make a repeat purchase when the items they previously bought are about to run out.
  • Recommend an upgraded or cross-sell another complimentary product to customers who had bought something from you before.
  • Offer incentives to encourage repeat purchase.
  • Build customer loyalty.
While it may be normal to have some of your audience lose interest in your product/brand. However, you don't want to ignore and forget all the customers who are not engaging with your emails considering that it’s 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. If you can win back a small % of those people, imagine how much impact that would have on your business growth.
Use the winback email template to
You know what they say about word of mouth? Referrals from existing customers can bring in new potential customers that are more likely to make a purchase straight away than a random person that stumbles across your paid advertising.
  • Collect photos and videos selfies of your customer using your product.
  • Offer incentive to get them to take the desired action (Them sending you their photos or video).
  • Build raving loyal fans for your brand.
  • Re-engage and win back customer who haven't bought from you in a while.
  • offer incentives to encourage repeat purchase.
  • Ask your customer questions and use that to improve customer support.
  • Ask your customers to referral their friends and families to your business.
  • Generate more sales and Introduce your brand to new faces with little marketing efforts.
User generated content is another important marketing element you can't ignore because they can dramatically help you increase conversion and customer retention.

The more user-generated content you can place on your website and social media, the more likely people will buy your products.
Use the user generated content email template to
Use the referral email template to
We've heard stories of people making thousands of dollars and sometimes million over the course of few days during their product launch. And that's because they know how to leverage product launch emails to build anticipation before launching the product.
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine's day
  • Christmas/New year
  • And many more
Holiday seasons are the time of year where everyone  is in their buying spirit...use the holiday email promotion templates to dazzle your audience and generate lots of sales.
  • Notify your email list about your new product/collections and build anticipation.
Use the product launch email template to
The Holiday and Special Promotion Email Templates Includes 
1. Easily Recover Abandoned Cart

By sending automated emails to get people who abandoned items in their cart to come back and complete their purchase.
All Without The Stress Of Writing Emails Yourself or Hiring an Expensive Copywriter. 
2.  Increase Customer Life time value

By sending quality emails that helps you engage and build trust with your customers.
Having All these Emails In Your E-commerce Store is An Unfair Advantage. 
Because NOW You Can:
3. Increase your Average Order Value

By up-selling and cross-selling to your customer with post purchase follow up emails.
4. Send Promotion Campaigns

keep promoting and selling more of your product to your customers with promo emails.
5. Add Value To Your Customers

With relevant emails content, you can keep adding value to your customer which helps build brand loyalty.
6.Collect Reviews and UGC

Easily gather social proofs that will help boost your website conversions.
Get Instant Access for $37 (Today Only)

The same way the subject line affects emails. Spam words also play a huge role in email marketing. One of the easiest ways to avoid SPAM filters and increase email deliverability is by carefully choosing the words you use in your email subject line and the email content itself.
If you want to stop leaving money on the table and increase your revenue with emails, use this checklist to improve your email marketing performance and engagement.
An email list with quality subscribers is one of the most valuable assets your business can have. Learn the fundamentals of list building by attracting people through great content, valuable lead magnets, and using the right platforms.
Considering that I've also purchased different courses and stuff online that left me disappointed, I understand how skeptical one can be when purchasing online. To help make this a safe purchase and to show you how confident I am with this email kit, I'm offering you my 30 days money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don't like The E-commerce Email Kit, just contact me and I'll gladly refund you. All risk is on me. If you're not satisfied then I'm not satisfied too.
You Are Backed By 
My  Famous Superlicious
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Want to be the next success story?

Click the button below to get the e-comm email kit.
You can choose to hire a copywriter that will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, or buy an expensive copywriting course and spend the next 6 months learning and trying to write all these email series yourself. 

Both will cost you more money and time. As a busy entrepreneur, I'm sure you don't have the time luxury. 

The longer you wait, the more money you are leaving on the table.
Do nothing and watch as advertising cost keeps rising, while your competitors are scooping the largest market share with repeat customers.
By far the best choice. When you have a proper email system that helps you increase your average order value and brings people back to your store. Now you have more money to spend on customer acquisition, then you can dominate your market and watch your competitors beg for mercy.
When you don't have a proper email system that helps you increase your average order value and bring people back to your store, you're essentially losing money.

I've Made It So ''EASY FOR YOU'' to start using emails to increase your sales and profits.

But if you're kind of on a crossroad. You only have three options of what you can do.
Total Recap of Everything You'll Get If You Purchase today. 

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Not a big fan of writing my own Bio, but i have to introduce myself right?

So here we go !!!

My name is Habeeb Ola Balogun, Also known as (H.O.B)  Did you get that initials?  Ok good.

A loving father and husband…..I guess you are not here to read that about me.

Ok let me try again.

I'm an E-commerce Marketing Consultant and Growth Strategist

Back in 2012  when i started my e-commerce journey, i was selling different kinds of stuff online, from clothing to jewelries and whatever I thought I could sell,  Fair right? Not really

It was when i lost my first store that i realize I’ve been doing something wrong.

I was only focusing on short gains and wasn’t building a long term business.

After realizing all my mistakes, I decided to learn every skill needed to build a proper online brand, which is what led me to build another e-commerce business from scratch and my current marketing consulting business…..

Thankfully both of them have been a huge success and I'm glad I went through that mistake in order to learn.

Since then, I’ve been using my skills to grow my own business and helping other e-commerce business owners as well.

While working with many e-commerce business owners, I noticed the same pattern over and over again. Many e-commerce business owners know how to make the first sale, but retaining customers seems to be a struggle.

To help solve this problem I decided to develop The E-commerce Email Kit, so e-comm business owners like you can start increasing store conversion and customer retention efficiently.

I believe you can’t wait to start increasing your sales and growing your business.

So I’ll be waiting for you inside

I hope To See you soon!!

Habeeb Ola Balogun. 
So Who's Behind The E-commerce Email Kit?
How Do I Access The kit After Purchasing?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will be taken to another page with an access link to the membership site where all the emails are hosted (including the bonuses).

You will also receive an email with the membership site link alongside your order receipt.

 What is The E-commerce Email Kit?

The e-commerce email kit is a collection of completely pre-written “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates, specially designed for e-commerce businesses to increase conversions and customer retention.

Each email comes with multiple subject lines to choose from. As well as training, and tips to show you how to use these emails and when to send them.
If I Use These Templates, Won’t My Email Content Look Like Everyone Else?

While the email templates are pre-written, when you fill in the blank with your details, the content changes in such a way that makes it 100% unique to your brand.

Plus there are many templates and subject lines to choose from, you can edit the templates anyway you like, and add your own flavour to make them match your existing content.
For How Long Will I Be Able to Access These Emails?

You will have lifetime access to all the email templates. 
In addition to that, I will keep updating and adding more emails frequently, so you can always come back to the member’s area to access new templates and training without paying any extra fees.
Can This Work With My Email Service Provider?

Yes 100% !
The E-commerce email Kit is a plug and play email templates, so it’s not limited to any platform, you can use any email service provider like klayvio, ominisend, mailchimp and many more. 

All you have to do is copy and paste into your preferred email service provider.
If this Email Kit Is That Good, Why Is It So Affordable?

I know right. If I were you, I will probably think about that too. 

I'm offering the email kit at this early bird price for a very limited time. As soon as i start adding more emails, the price will go up.

But most importantly, it's because I'm 100% certain the email kit will help you grow your business and you'll trust me enough to come back and buy my other product or services.
What If These Emails Does Not Get Me More Sales?

These email templates have proven to bring in more sales and revenue countless times, but if for some reason they don't work for you, just reach out to me via ecommemailkitsupport@hob-global.com
I’ll gladly refund you, and of course, you still get to keep the Email Kit.
This Looks Great, But How Do I Add These Emails To My Store?

Don't worry

The E-commerce Email Kit comes with guide to help you get them working as soon as possible. But if you still need further help, you can reach out to me via ecommemailkitsupport@hob-global.com
Will These Emails Work For My Store?

If you're selling or planning to start selling a product online, then you need email follow-ups.

Relying on ads alone to make sales is setting yourself up for failure, follow up emails that get people to come back and buy from you is very essential for every e-commerce business.
What if i don't have a large email list?

You don't need to have a large email list before implementing an email system. However, you still need to have people you are emailing.

Inside the training, you will discover different strategies on how to build an email list faster.
Questions Answered?
P.S. Just in case you decided to skip to the end of this page, here's the deal:

For a limited period of time,  I'm giving you my proven to convert e-commerce email templates and training for just $37.

You will also get instant access to all the bonuses including:

I'm offering the e-commerce email kit at this early bird price for a limited time, as soon as I start adding more emails, the price will go up. 

But if you order now you will have unlimited access to all future updates and bonuses without paying more.

If you have any question you need to ask before deciding to buy, kindly check the
''Frequently Asked Questions'' section above or use the chat button to chat with me.

You can also shoot me an email at ecommemailkitsupport@hob-global.com

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you Inside.
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